About Us

The Greater Kansas City Business Leadership Network (GKCBLN) was founded as a Kansas non-profit organization in 2009. GKCBLN partners commit to recruitment, hiring management and marketing practices which ensure the inclusion of people with disabilities. Such practices have demonstrated improvements in bottom-line areas such as retention, job performance and employee satisfaction, not to mention significant gains in sales and customer loyalty.

The GKCBLN mission is to help business drive performance by leveraging disability inclusion in the workplace and marketplace in the greater Kansas City area.

Our vision is that GKCBLN is a trusted advisor and a voice of business to business, government and media regarding disability inclusion in the workplace and marketplace.

GKCBLN is working hard to help businesses be successful by applying for grants. In July 2014, GKCBLN was awarded a grant funded by Missouri's Developmental Disabilities Council for the purpose of building a web-based Business Resource and Toolkit.  GKCBLN has partnered with Trozzolo Communications, a Kansas City based company, to assist with the building of this resource and toolkit that is expected to launch in 2016.  For this resource to be robust and valuable, ongoing participation by employers, service providers and candidates will be key. GKCBLN operates on a combination of business memberships, event sponsorships and educational events/programs and workplace disability inclusion related grants.

How GKCBLN will Support Your Business

  • Education & Training Opportunities - provide worships and seminars

  • Resources - help you connect to an untapped pool of employees and talent

  • Consultation and Support - assist with targeted disability inclusion initiatives

  • Visibility - recognition of successful disability employment efforts

Get to Know Us

The Board of Directors is comprised of local business leaders who have a passion for changing the employment landscape. Click on the Board of Directors link to learn more about our members.

How We Can Help

  • Provide workshops/seminars
  • Mentoring of employers by employers
  • Resources to help you connect to an untapped pool of employees and talent
  • Recognition of a job well done
  • Keep you informed 

Non-Profit Organization

We invite business to support through corporate membership or event sponsorship. GKCBLN is a 501(c)(3) organization and member/sponsor contributions are tax deductible.  GKCBLN encourages businesses to check with their tax preparer for additional information.  Thank you, in advance, for your contributions to GKCBLN.

Employees with disabilities add diversity to the workplace, which in turn, drives innovation.  The USBLN recognizes and promotes this fact using their employer to employer approach. By helping businesses recognize the value and competence of people with disabilities, the USBLN opens the door to a world of new career opportunities and enhances businesses properties."  ~ Neil Romano, ODEP Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Labor